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Welcome To Animal Hill

Welcome! This is where you can be animals that you can't usably be on other sites. Join a hawk flock, be a lone owl, or run the hills of horse country. This site is always evolving, and up to change. If you have any ideas, please tell Rainkit either in a comment or a privet message.

War has been known to run rampant here, yet there are rules to keep this site safe for our younger role players.


1. No cursing, spamming, or impostering.

2. You can't kill an animal of different spices unless provoked.

3. If you do kill an animal, you must be more detailed than 'kills you.'

4. Loyalty is everything. Your friends do have the right to report anything disloyal to your leader.

5. Absolutely NO detailed mating!

6. All animals must be a part of a profile.

Breaking a rule may lead to the deletion of your profile. And anyone who sees you in role play can kill you.


I'm working on the site. I'm sure you'll be surprised with what I do with the place!



Flying Hawk

Head Hawk: The leader; in charge of making the big decisions.

Second Hawk: The second in command; helps the leader make decisions, next in line for Head Hawk. Usably, a chick chosen that shows leader characteristics, but sometimes a randomly chosen hawk.

Medicine Hawk: In charge of healing injuries and reading prophecies from Silver Flock. These hawks live outside flock boundaries, since they meet with the other medicine hawks every quarter moon.

Guardians: In charge of protecting there territory, flock mates and chicks, along with hunting for the flock.

Apprentices: Young hawks assigned a mentor to learn the ways of the flock.

Hens: Females with or expecting chicks; in charge of taking care of the chicks and teaching them about the life in a flock.

Wise Ones: Old or injured hawks; help the Head Hawk make decisions, and share tales of the old days with young. Not all are old, some join because of broken wings or spines.


Flying Eagle


Eagles: Eagles that fly into the forest.

Flock Eagles: Eagles that join Forest Flock.

Hens: Female eagles with or expecting chicks; usably share nest with the Forest Flock hens.

Old Ones: Eagles who have retired; they live with the hawk flock's wise ones.




Healer: Leader of the owls; they fly around caring for injured owls. In charge of making hard decisions. When they grow old, they will choose an apprentice to take over for them.

Chief: A single owl representing an owl state; Attends meetings.

Adults: Fully grown owls.

Fledglings: Young owls in training; usably trained by parents.

Hens: Female owls with or expecting owlets.

Owlets: Young owls; not yet able to fly.

Wisdom of Elders: The oldest owls. These owls hold meetings to discuses things that the healer can't figure out what to do with. They all live together.


Orphanage -


Care Takers: Adult owls in charge of caring, hunting, and training the owls.

Doctors: A group of owls that know how to heal injured owls.

New-bes: Future Care Takers or Doctors in training.

Orphans: Young chicks of owls, eagles, and hawks, who no longer have parents or were separated from there parents.




Leader: Leads the herd; in charge of making hard decisions.

Deputy: Second in command; next in line for leadership. Shares decisions and responsibility for the herd.

Healer: One horse and his/her learner are in charge of caring for the herd's wounds and decoding and talking to Silver Herd.

Members: Adult horses that fight and guard the herd. Sometimes they may live in small family groups.

Learner: Fouls in training.

Mothers: Mares with or expecting fouls.

Fouls: Young horses, not yet ready to defend the herd.

Elders: Old or lame horses.